Design Technology at Leweston has its roots in a variety of areas, including carpentry, textiles, technical drawing and home economics. In the interests of an effective spiral curriculum which builds on our children’s understanding each year, we opt for three key themes across the terms. In the autumn term each year groups investigates a control mechanisms / structures unit. In the spring term each year group takes part in a food technology unit whilst in the summer term each year group focuses on a textiles unit.

Design Technology develops strengths in…

  • Team work, Communication, Commercial Awareness, Flexibility.
  • Helping pupils to become creative, critical, strategic decision-makers.
  • Problem Solving: this is one of the significant strengths of this subject in that with encouragement, pupils can be taught to think their way around difficulties in the workshop. Drawing on past experience, using common sense or the library, the internet, a friend or an existing product gives pupils the opportunity to say “I solved that problem on my own.”
  • Developing strategies to meet deadlines, including prioritising tasks; understanding that simplicity is often the key to success; independent working; and organisation of resources.