Language is the creation and communication of meaning and the foundation of all learning. At Leweston we aim to infuse children with a love of literature and to develop their confidence to explore language in all its forms.

The children learn to listen with understanding and to read enthusiastically. A home/school reading link encourages parental involvement in the development of reading skills. We foster a love of books and encourage children to become confident, competent and independent readers.

In order to develop as effective writers, pupils are taught to use composition skills, structuring sentences grammatically and whole texts coherently. They are taught presentation skills, accurate punctuation, correct spelling and legible handwriting. Displays of work both inside and outside the classrooms show that we value children's written work and encourage them to use a widening variety of forms for different purposes and audiences.

The pupils have the opportunity visit local and London theatres in order to see Shakespearean plays and all pupils in Years 4-6 take part in yearly English Speaking Board Assessments with many gaining Merits and Distinctions. The school is well known and valued for its articulate pupils.