French is taught throughout the school from Nursery with the emphasis on fun and communication. In the Junior Department the pupils’ listening and speaking skills are further developed through role-plays, games, songs and practical activities in which they participate eagerly and confidently with no sense of inhibition. They learn to cope with real situations that they may encounter on a trip to France. They meet fun cartoon characters as reading and writing skills are gradually introduced with the emphasis remaining on confident communication. The teaching of grammar is integrated into activities in a clear and interesting way so that the children are able to become more flexible with the language and to adapt it to different situations.

The children also learn about France as a country, its geography, culture and customs and they become aware of other French-speaking countries. Each year a French language theatre company visits the school with an interactive production for Years Five and Six together with Years Seven to Nine.

Latin is introduced in Years Five and Six. Through their study pupils acquire knowledge of the roots of many European languages, including English. They also develop habits of deduction and comparison together with a sense of the history and culture of Europe. This prepares them well for further study at the Senior School.