Learning difficulties present challenges for the brightest of children and the Learning Success Department provides opportunities for each child to realise his or her potential and secure a feeling of self-worth.

Early assessment allows the school to identify areas of weakness and enables the Department to provide each child with an appropriate teaching programme. Specialist staff provide individual lessons which are structured, multi-sensory, individual teaching programmes in spelling, reading and numeracy.

Priority Reading is a scheme in the Junior Department for those pupils who need support in reading. For ten minutes a day, they follow an individual programme designed to provide them with the necessary strategies for the next step in reading.

Half hour or one hour extra lessons can be arranged to support children in Mathematics or English. These lessons enable children to gain a firm foundation in literacy and numeracy and are targeted to the individual needs of the child.

Most importantly, the children are supported in their own perception of themselves and their abilities. A sense of self-esteem is fundamental and each child learns to believe through their own success that their difficulties are not a barrier to learning.