There is a rigorous approach to assessment in the Junior Department so that the staff know exactly what the next steps are for each individual child. The children are encouraged to evaluate their own learning and that of their peers so they can understand what they need to do to progress.

We like to work closely with the families and we see a child’s education as a partnership. In the Autumn Term there is a Welcome Session for each class as well as Parent’s Consultation Meetings for every pupil. Once a term, there is also a designated early morning informal session for children to share and celebrate their work in the classroom with their parents.

Interim reports are sent out at the end of the Autumn Term and full reports at the end of the Summer Term. In between, assessment grades for effort and attainment are emailed half termly so that parents can keep abreast of their child’s progress. If at any time either staff or parents have concerns about a child, a meeting is arranged to discuss the situation and decide on the next steps forward.

There is an open door policy in the Junior Department and we quite simply have the best interests of each child at heart and will do our utmost to achieve this goal.