At 16.20 when the school day finishes, some children stay for clubs and activities or for Prep or After School Care.

Clubs and Activities

Most clubs and activities run from 16.40 till 17.30. There is a wide selection of opportunities from which to choose and children are encouraged to participate in no more than two evening activities so that they do not get overtired.

After School Care

After tea in the Dining Hall, the younger children go to their classroom for After School Care where there is supervised play or an activity until 17.30. At this time those children who have not been collected join the older ones in the Library for some quiet time. They have the opportunity to listen to audio books - always a top favourite, read a book from the wide selection or do some drawing.


Each evening there are two supervised sessions in the Library and children can be collected at any time during either Prep session.

First Prep runs from 16.40 till 17.30 and is a chance for children to get their homework completed. As well as a member of staff, Sixth Formers from the Senior School support the children in their work and listen to them read.

Second Prep starts at 17.30 and this is when the younger children arrive from After School Care and those older children who have attended a club have the opportunity to get their homework underway with the support of the member of staff on duty. Second Prep continues until school closes at 18.00 when all children are collected and the boarders are escorted up to Junior House.