While welcoming people of other denominations and none Leweston tries to be true to its Catholic roots with a distinctive ethos based on sound teaching, moral guidance, pastoral care and the development of the spiritual life.

This Catholic ethos centres on certain key elements of the Church's teaching: that each individual is sacred and unique; that each can be made holy by the grace of God; that holiness is about the wholeness of a life offered to God and to others; and that our faith has to be worked out in the context of community.

The Catholic Faith is affirmed and celebrated and the sacramental life of the Church penetrates and underpins the life of the school; at the same time those of other denominations will find support and respect and, with every member of the community, the encouragement and opportunity to think seriously about life and its meaning, to grow in wisdom and to practise charity.

Leweston has a Retreat programme with something for each year group over the course of the year. Some are days or parts of days in school, while others involve the girls going away for a day or longer. All these Retreat days are designed to give each Leweston girl a time to step out of everyday school life and reflect on her faith, her relationships with others and where she is on her spiritual journey.

Leweston has a reputation for a having a clear sense of purpose that guides all we do as a school, our strong commitment to the pastoral care of all the children, and our sharing of sound and lifelong values.

Every one of these strong points springs out of what we do in Chapel: our sense of purpose and direction comes from our regular gathering together as the children of God; pastoral care is based on the respect we owe each other as absolutely unique and valuable, made in God's image and likeness; the values we teach and share are those taught by the Lord of the Gospel. All the wonderful things that happen at Leweston are based on that sound foundation; without it, we just become like any other school, special no longer.