We have a broad sporting curriculum at Leweston, covering all the major team games. As the children progress through the school they apply their skills to small-side and eventually full-sided games. Individual fitness is recorded and each child is given personal targets to achieve.

Our record of achievement in sport is outstanding and although we are proud of our successes, we aim for a wide participation in matches.  Each child from Years 3-6 is given the opportunity to play in competitive fixtures. Talented athletes and team players are encouraged to train and play with children up to two years older and this brings noticeable results, ensuring that early potential is recognised, nurtured and developed.

We also offer children the opportunity to develop individual skills through cross-country, swimming, gymnastics, dance, table-tennis, tennis, trampolining and the 'athlon' sports (Biathlon, Biathle, Pentathlon, Tetrathlon and Triathlon) for which Leweston is a leading school in the region. 

Through these activities children develop their confidence, self esteem, strength and co-ordination

Miss Steph Millard (Games & Physical Education Co-ordinator, Leweston Junior Department)