Business is offered at A Level at Leweston and provides an updated, topical insight into the world of business from a localised, regional, national and global perspective. The principles and models of business provide us with the analytical tools needed to interpret and deliberate on the challenges we face as we move into a more globalised arena. Trends, changing dynamic markets and changing social attitudes are considered, along with the impact of business strategy, leadership and motivation. Managing business activities in relation to finance and the effective use of resources are investigated.

With a business qualification, our girls can develop further into marketing (both strategic and international) finance, accounting, PR and events management, retail, hospitality and many other professions. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, this qualification would develop the skills needed to take this forward.

It is a wonderful subject for those with an analytical, enquiring mind, who are curious about the world around them, and it’s fun!

What our girls say:

I love studying business as it offers you an insight into how businesses operate and gives you the confidence to formulate opinions on everyday issues


I have always loved business but studying it at Leweston has shown me the way in which companies operate, business objectives and the basic reasoning behind everyday trade. Business keeps the world ticking and is such an interesting and relevant subject and affects every person on the planet, so why wouldn't you study it?!