As computers have an increasing role in the world of industry and communications it is important that pupils should have a solid foundation in their use and know how to avoid their misuse.

The school network connects all buildings using the latest fibre-optic technology. There are two dedicated computer network rooms as well as ten network stations in the music department and the newly designed school library boasts seventeen network stations, an e-beam interactive whiteboard and a projector connected to a network PC for lessons/presentations. Almost all classrooms have interactive e-beam whiteboards and a mobile projector available for class use.  

Pupils have access to computers both during and outside their normal lessons and each pupil has a personal school email account from which they can contact their friends and family as well as access to the campus-wide school WiFi.

Years 7 to 9

In Years 7-9 a wide variety of computing aspects are covered ranging from the safe use of the Internet, word processing, spreadsheet design, databases and presentation/graphics. Projects and activities are the main tools used to develop skills and understanding of the use of computers in daily life and the implications for the future.

Projects have included an in-depth study of a European country, which included writing to the relevant Embassy and presenting the final project to the class. Students also investigated the fashion industry creating their own agency, logo, letterhead and planned/priced an event.  In Year 9 all girls take a nationally recognised computing qualification.