Economics is offered at A Level at Leweston and provides a powerful, useful insight into the world around us. The principles of economics provide us with the analytical tools needed to interpret and deliberate on the challenges we face as we move into an ever-changing global arena.

Being so applicable to daily life, economics allows our girls to learn during the day and see the relevance of areas covered on the news at night. Topics covered include : how economies grow, the relevance of unemployment and healthcare, environmental and inequality issues and how these impact on global development, migration, understanding demographic change, demand and supply, scarcity and choice, and the impact this has on how and where our government spends our money.

With an economics qualification, our girls can develop further into business, banking, finance, politics, journalism and many other professions. It is a wonderful subject for those with an analytical, enquiring mind, who are curious about the world around them, and it’s fun!

What our girls say:

Economics is the most interesting subject I have ever studied: it enables me to think about the world in a different way; identifying theories which have been put into practise on a global scale. My perspective of how countries finance themselves is so relevant and has helped me to think in a more logical way. The concepts used in economics can be translated into the decisions which you make on an everyday basis so is really very useful in life.