Government and Politics is the study of a fascinating combination: people/power/politics and the source materials change constantly. There is no more relevant subject to modern life and citizenship than this course. This A level course will lead you through the corridors of power in both the United Kingdom and the USA with appropriate reference to other regimes along the way!

Government and Politics is still a ‘new' subject at Leweston but to date most of our A2 students have opted for degree courses related to Government and Politics. It is a well-respected A Level for entry to degree courses in Law, Business, International Relations, European Studies, American Studies as well as History and Politics. Several students have undertaken work experience and holiday employment with our local MP, MEP and other members of the ‘power elite'. Careers in local government, the Civil Service, Law, the EU, UN, Central Government, the Diplomatic Service and the Armed Forces are all open to Politics Graduates.

At AS level there are two units:
1. People Politics and Participation
2. Governing Modern Britain

At A2 level we study the Government and Politics of the USA:
3. The Politics of the USA;
4. The Government of the USA

The course features several interesting Study Tours. The AS course begins in London with a day visit to the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and Whitehall, with a guided tour by a Member of Parliament. Student lectures at Westminster Hall each November allow you to hear leading Politicians and Political Scientists. Visits to the USA - Washington, Philadelphia and New York are undertaken biannually and a European Conference on the EU is also offered every other year (Paris, Berlin or Brussels).