Mathematics is a beautiful, intriguing and incredibly important subject, especially in today’s society of ever increasing Technology, Science and Engineering.

At Leweston, the Maths Department aims to give each student a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable experience in all areas of Mathematics and the School's Mathematical excellence is nationally recognised.

The Department offers a strong team of proactive, specialist teachers; regularly testing from Year 7 with continuously monitored progress, through to GCSE and beyond. Individual recognition for different needs and abilities are monitored and the ethos of the department is to ensure each girl achieves their full potential. This has resulted in Maths becoming one of the most popular Sixth Form subjects with strong AS and A2 Level results.

At the Beginning…

The emphasis of the teaching is to assist the girls' understanding, to enjoy the subject and to develop each girl's confidence in her mathematical progress. During the course, girls focus on a skills based approach and how to link these skills to more complex problem solving questions. Mathematics is all about making links and discussion of how to approach one question in many different ways is very much encouraged. Talking about Maths and celebrating errors and why they occur is at the heart of our teaching, enabling the girls to build resilience and perseverance throughout a challenge.

Leading to GCSE…

The GCSE starts in Year 9 with the girls working towards the new OCR 9-1 course. The girls are assisted in their learning by the most up-to-date texts and reflection and improvements are very much encouraged to draw out and fix any weaknesses. The latter part of the course encourages the girls to develop their examination technique and for those who require extra help, revision classes are available.

For those who express an interest in A Level study, there is also an opportunity to study towards AQA Further Mathematics, giving a broad introduction to mathematics beyond GCSE.

A Level

Mathematics is one of the most popular options in the School's AS choices and the curriculum comprises of two Core Units of Pure Mathematics together with a very popular Statistics 1 course which is suitable for students entering a wide range of other AS/A2 courses. The A2 course in Mathematics requires a minimum content of Core 3 and Core 4 Units of Pure Mathematics followed by an applied Module which may be selected from Statistics, Mechanics or Decision Maths. The courses are enhanced by the development of examination technique and regular assignments to again allow girls time to reflect and improve upon any weaknesses they may have.

Further Maths A Level

Students who wish to take mathematics or the natural sciences beyond A Level, or indeed simply derive pleasure from the subject, can take Further Mathematics as well as the normal A Level.

The course is studied alongside A Level mathematics and offers breadth in the Lower Sixth and depth in the Upper Sixth.

In addition to the normal A Level course, students will study FP1 and 2 further applied modules in the Lower Sixth for an AS Level, and continue to study FP2 and 2 further modules in Upper Sixth for A2.

This is a difficult course and demands a great deal of independent thinking to ensure the top grades. Further Maths A Level is a requirement to study Mathematics/Natural Sciences at the top universities and at least AS Level is desirable for Engineering, but not essential.

Further Mathematics (Additional)

For truly exceptional students, there is the opportunity to study towards Further Mathematics (Additional). The AS level consists of 3 more modules and the A Level of 6. Modules can be taken from FP3, M3, M4, M5, S3 and S4. Students wishing to study this course will be considered on a one-to-one basis.

Enrichment Programme

We also encourage Maths and problem solving skills to be celebrated outside of normal Maths lessons. Many pupils are encouraged to take part in UK Maths Challenges at all levels, with many girls achieving certificate status and some progressing to further rounds. We have had huge success this year with our challengers and look forward to the years to come!