Music at Leweston is exceptional and permeates all aspects of school life. The school's tradition is strongly orchestral and choral with over half of the school learning at least one of the eighteen instruments on offer. The department has an outstanding record in the Associated Board examinations, GCSE and A Level with girls going on to study at the Royal College of Music, Guildhall and many other specialist colleges and universities.

Leweston offers many musical activities and there is scope to participate in performances all year round. The Sherborne Schools’ orchestras and the various Leweston ensembles rehearse weekly. Schola Cantorum has a high reputation, providing music for Wednesday Mass as well as singing at weddings, in cathedrals (Westminster and Winchester among them), and undertaking international tours.

Please listen to come of our recent recitals by clicking on the Sound Cloud links at the bottom of this page.

Years 7- 9

All girls study music in Year 7, 8 and 9. The curriculum at this level develops the three core skills of performing, composing and listening through the study of different genres from Europe across the centuries, and the wider world. Practical experience is central to Key Stage Three music at Leweston and music technology is used to facilitate effective learning.


Music involves performance, listening and composition. Pupils have to perform at least two pieces, one of which must be part of an ensemble. The girls study music from a variety of styles and traditions including Instrumental Music 1700-1820, Vocal Music, Music for Stage and Screen, and Fusions.

The art of composition is studied throughout the course and pupils compose two pieces, one in response to a brief set by the awarding organisation and one is a piece of free composition. The minimum time for both pieces must be at least 3 minutes in total.

It is recommended that the girls will involve themselves in the many musical activities available on a weekly basis.

Music A Level

A Level music is a vocational subject, and is essential for those wishing to pursue their formal musical studies at university or Music College. The course is both challenging and rewarding, and it can be combined with any other subject at A Level. Any student considering a career in the music industry (from concert performing and arts management to musical journalism etc.) would benefit from taking the A Level course. Even students who choose to discontinue formal musical training post-18 will continue to feel the benefits of A Level music for the rest of their lives.

To study A Level music at Leweston, you will need a love of music, and a desire to delve deeper into the language and history of music. Practical musical experience is essential, and though GCSE music is usual, it is not mandatory. Students should have achieved (or be intending to achieve) Grade 5 Theory by the end of the AS year, and should be able to perform on at least one instrument to Grade 5 standard by the same time.

The course is taught with an emphasis on the practical experience of music – trips to concerts and opera performances are arranged by the school to bring the academic studies to life.

Choral Society 2015: Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert (Leweston's Schola Cantorum)

Chroal Society 2015: Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert (Whole Choir Recording)

Leweston Carol Service - Susa Nina - Schola Cantorumn

Leweston Schola Cantorum - The Bluebird

Leweston Schola Cantorum - Mists Before the Sunrise Fly

Leweston Schola Cantorum - Awake my Soul