The study of psychology at Leweston will provide students with an appropriate foundation for further study in psychology or related subjects in higher education. As importantly it will encourage students to develop a critical appreciation of the many underlying causes of human behaviour, and in doing so promote understanding, empathy and tolerance.

The AQA ‘A’ specification has been chosen to offer students a more traditional grounding in the major psychological perspectives that offer explanations for human behaviour. Through core areas of study (cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, individual differences and research methods), students will develop the generic skills of critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

Students will be encouraged to consider psychological theory in the context of their own and others’ experiences. It is therefore important that students feel confident and supported in the teaching environment to enable them to contribute to discussion. Students will learn to listen to the opinions and experiences of others and to be sensitive in their criticisms of opposing views.

At Leweston this subject is offered at AS and A level and no prior knowledge of psychology is required.