Situated in the beautiful Manor House, Rose House is a vibrant, is a welcoming, safe and happy place for full, weekly and flexi boarders from Years 4 to 8. Housemistress, Mrs Lorraine Roberts (and her little dog 'Spud'), lives in the House and is there at all times to give the girls the care, attention and support they need.  

The boarders in Rose House quickly benefit from the community/family feel which forms the foundation of boarding at Leweston. The close links between the boarding staff and the girls mean that they are well supported both pastorally and academically.

Rose house is a fun and lively place and all boarders are encouraged to involve themselves fully in the life of the School and the large variety of activities that are on offer. With dog walks, hide and seek, movie nights, bikes and go karts the boarders in Rose House have little time to get bored or lonely and each girl is encouraged to involve herself as much as she wants and needs to.

Weekends provide the opportunity to venture outside of school on trips to the coast or local attractions. Important 'down time’ is also encouraged and a Rose House favourite are the regular 'sleepy Sundays' which offer the girls a much needed lie in and relaxed breakfast in the boarding house . Birthdays and special events are eagerly anticipated and celebrated and the very popular ‘pyjama prayers’ every Tuesday evening in the school chapel, captures some of the real spirit of the boarding experience for Rose House girls.  This is a place to be together but to be yourself, to reflect, to learn, to share and co-operate, and to have fun!