Senior boarding at Leweston is a new style of boarding for girls coming into this very important and stimulating stage of their education. These years are important both academically and also, as the girls approach adulthood, in their emotional and social development – it is a time for them to enjoy exploring their interests; following their enthusiasms, and learning to co-operate with each other as they become more independent.

From Year 10 onwards, girls live together in the light and spacious accomodation in Hamilton House. In their first year of Senior boarding, they will be in dorms of 4 or 5. Each girl has her own cabin bed with incorporated study area and storage space. Each year group has its own well equipped, separate Common Room for relaxation.

Year 11 live on a separate wing. In this important final year of their GCSE courses, girls live in single or double rooms and are able to live and work more independently, helping them to learn skills that will be invaluable to them in Years 12 and 13.

Sixth Form boarders at Leweston live on South Wing in Hamilton House. All full boarders have their own individual study bedrooms, all of which have internet access, and the use of two Common Rooms.

Gina Phipps, Housemistress of Hamilton House, is always on hand to support the girls pastorally and academically during their time at Leweston.

The girls and staff in Hamilton House meet regularly at house meetings and at a variety of informal occasions to communicate, co-operate and socialise. A laundry room where girls can take control of their own washing and the common room kitchens which are available for use at weekends, are examples of some of the ways that girls can develop their own independent living skills as they prepare to move on to life at university and the world beyond school.

Boarders in Years 12 and 13 enjoy both the company and support of their peers on the Senior wing but are also very involved in the wider boarding community. Senior boarders take on leading roles, organising social and charitable events and community duty rotas.

In these years, the girls also have increased freedom over their free time and opportunities to go into Sherborne after school and to invite guests into the house social areas at weekends are much enjoyed.