The Chaplaincy Team and Sacristy

The Chaplaincy Team include pupils as well as members of staff. Staff meet twice a month to pray and discuss the liturgies and works of the Chaplaincy for that Term. Students who are part of the Chaplaincy Team are made up from the VI Form Peer Mentor Programme. All members of the Chaplaincy Team assist the work of the Sacristy.

Who is Who...

Lu Worrall - Lay Chaplain

Bp Mark O'Toole

Mon Canon Robert Draper VG

Fr Richard Meyer

Fr Peter Clarke

Fr Jean-Patrice Coulon

Fr Barry Hallett

We are also very grateful for the prayer support, ministry and wisdom given to us so generously by our Sisters, the Religious of Christian Instruction whose founders started our school 125 years ago. The pupils visit them regularly through the Community Service Team and as part of our Retreat Programme. 

What else does the Chaplaincy Team Do?

As well as co-ordinating all Masses and services in the two Chapels the Chaplaincy Team have other responsibilities.

Community Programme

Community work is close to the heart of the School. All our Year 12 pupils are part of the Community Service Team who go and visit the elderly in their own homes or in local care homes each week throughout the Term. Lasting friendships are made between both pupils and our elderly Leweston friends. Each term the Year 12 arrange a tea party all those who have been visisted which is a joyous event!

Leweston also tries to support as many Parish events as possible. We are very grateful to all the support we receive from the Sisters and our Parish Family. 

A strength of the school is the way that Leweston reaches out beyond the boundaries of the school to others in the community.

Catholic Schools Inspection 2017


Recognising the needs of those locally as well as those far away and fund-raising is a very important part of a Leweston student’s life. As well as supporting CAFOD (CAFOD is the Catholic Church’s official aid agency and stands for: Catholic Agency for Overseas Development), Leweston have a very busy year ahead – raising funds for; Sherborne Food Bank at Harvest Festival, MacMillan’s Coffee Morning, Samaritan’s Purse, The Poppy Appeal, Children in Need, Save the Children amongst others! Each House takes responsibility for raising funds and a competitive element helps boost the figures!

Pupils are encouraged to nominate charities by sending a proposal to the Lay Chaplain. Once this has been agreed by the Chaplaincy Team the pupil’s present the charity at a Friday Prayers – this encourages fuller participation and a real understanding of why the fund-raising is happening.

More information on our charity fundraising projects can be found at the following page: Fundraising

Peer Mentoring

Autumn 2016 saw the pilot of our Peer Mentoring Programme. Run from the Chaplaincy Office and led by Deputy Head, Mr Beecham, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Worrall, pupils from Year 12 and Year 13 started with a training day on the first day back. Each VI Former (PM) is paired up with a student (Mentee) lower down the school. PM’s have one training day each term as well as weekly catch up sessions which are facilitated by Mrs Worrall.

PM’s also have the opportunity to meet with the PM’s of Sherborne School and Sherborne School for Girls. These are both training sessions as well social events.

Pastoral Support

As both Registered Nurse and School Chaplain, Lu Worrall is part of the School's Pastoral Care Team and sits on the Safe Guarding Team. Lu works on a one to one with all those who need support at any time of the day.

Leweston is a vibrant community with many strengths. Gospel values are implicit in the life of the school and lived out on a daily basis. They are reflected in the relationships within the school and pupils often speak of the care and compassion that they have for one another and that staff show to them. As a consequence of the care received, young people at Leweston are open, warm, confident and thriving. They enjoy school and are appreciative of the many opportunities and extra-curricular activities available to them. They value the effort of their teachers and feel confident that, if they are struggling, there will always be someone that they can turn to. The school’s pastoral team meets regularly to consider the needs of students and has a consistent system of appraising these needs. Inclusivity is a strength of the school. Leweston actively promotes diversity and equality, honouring those from different faith backgrounds, cultures and with specific needs. The commitment of the Pastoral Care Team ensures that no young person is ‘lost’ in the system but is enabled, whatever their particular need, to thrive. 

Catholic Schools Inspection 2017

Faith Formation

Understanding questions of faith and spirituality underpin the ethos of the School. Students are encouraged to ask questions and discover their own relationship with God and are supported in doing this.

Students have the opportunity to attend prayer groups or more informal groups to chat about matters of spirituality and faith. Students can get involved through:

  • Helping on the First Holy Communion Programme
  • Helping to run the Junior Department clubs – Little Fishes and Crusaders
  • Running liturgies for their Year Group Assemblies