Leweston takes part in a busy programme of fundraising year round in support of a broad spectrum of charities. Recent events have been held in support of: Mosaic, the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to name a few. 

In 2016, the school raised nearly £6,000 for charity.

Current/Recent Fundraising Endeavours

Lent in a Tent

This year, Leweston's Lay Chaplain, Mrs Lu Worrall, spent Lent in a tent in the Leweston grounds.

She did this to stand in solidarity with the Syrian children who are refugees and to raise vital funds for them via CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development).
Lu commented:

Appalled by the atrocities, poverty and injustice of the most vulnerable in Syria I felt called to respond. I am frequently reminded that we have so much to be grateful for: warmth, clothing, food, education and a place of safety and I want to stand in solidarity with those who have little or no access to the fundamental things that every child has a right to. We have four daughters who are older now, but even when they were little and camping seemed a good idea, living under canvas always seemed something of a test for me. The one thing I LOVE is sleep and that seems distinctly threatened by exposure to the elements. Nevertheless, sleeping in my factory made tent for 40 nights won't come close to the discomfort experienced by the families and children who have been displaced in Syria. Heavy snowfalls this winter being the latest hazard to threaten their lives as they struggle to live in makeshift shelters made with blocks, plastic sheets and tin.

Lu added:

'I don’t know why I did it' is an answer we are familiar with when counselling young people who have made an ‘error of judgement’. It was certainly my thoughts after the gales blew through on the night of Ash Wednesday - my first of 40 nights in my tent. My original intention was that somehow, my sleeping in a Tent would be a great fundraiser and raise awareness for the refugees of Syria, in particular, the most vulnerable - the children. But what about awareness? We will certainly use the tent creatively in our school as a Prayer Space, that will help raise awareness - but the real sense of awareness, to my surprise, is of myself. I am acutely aware that I don’t like being cold, especially at 3am when it is too cold for me to get out of the sleeping bag, blankets and duvet. I don’t like being lonely. I don’t like being a little bit afraid. I am also surprised that I don’t like being so close to the ground. Lying inches from the earth makes me feel a little small and vulnerable. Literally, ‘down to earth’ I know is more than being practical and pragmatic. It is a reminder for me that my Lenten journey isn’t a ‘project’ for school, however much money we raise, but the opportunity for my own transformation. The Lent readings have a focus on being able to ‘see’- something hard physically in my tent - Christ comes to shine through the darkness, but only if I allow myself to accept that occasionally, I live in the shadows of doubt and fear.

If you would like to support Lu by making a donation, please visit her JustGiving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lu-worrall