The Curriculum

The curriculum and its delivery in the Sixth Form is quite different from what you will have experienced before. When you enter the Sixth Form you will choose between 3 and 5 subjects to study and a timetable will be constructed around these choices. Leweston is therefore able to offer you a bespoke curriculum with no constraints on the subject combinations you choose.

The Cambridge Pre-U is currently offered in English Literature at Leweston. This course differs from an A Level course in that it is taught as a coherent chronological whole with the assessment at the end of two years and the emphasis on independent study. Although Pre-U courses with a greater range of marks at the top end are particularly supported by the universities, the courses and assessments are suited to the "A Level" ability range.

At least nine hours a fortnight are given to activities which underpin your development outside your exam work and also compliment it. Many study skills are developed and presented in the Key Skills and Critical Thinking periods, while the P.E afternoons allow Sixth Formers to participate in hockey, tennis, netball, ballet, cross country running, aerobics and self-defence to name but a few. Every Sixth Former also has a module of 'Survival Nutrition and Cookery' – aimed at eating healthily on a budget in preparation for life post-school. These extra-curricular activities are designed to enrich your intellectual, spiritual and personal life.

A full course list and a more detailed overview of the Cambridge Pre-U can be downloaded below.


Leweston’s academic record speaks for itself. The girls in our Sixth Form consistently achieve some of the best A Level and Pre-U results in the region and as a result go on to win places at their chosen universities. This is achieved, not in an overly competitive environment, but as part of a community where girls support each other, where your voice will be heard and where you will have the confidence to develop the study skills you will need to excel in your learning. Our size means that you will get the individual support you need from our specialist staff who will go the extra mile to make sure you achieve your goals.

Our leavers go on to study many subjects at some of the top universities. Recent leavers’ destinations and our most recent results can be downloaded below.

Did You Know…

Over the last few years over 95% of our leavers have won places at their first choice university.


Leweston has a 100% success rate in medicine and veterinary applications over the last 6 years, far above the national independent schools average.


For pupils who join Leweston before GCSE our ‘value added’ has been consistently measured at +1 grade at GCSE with further value added at A Level. For pupils who join Leweston in the Sixth Form, our value added has been measured at +1 grade or better every year.

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Results Summary and Leavers' Destinations 2013-2016

Did You Know?

Over the last few years over 95% of our leavers have won places at their first choice university.

Leweston has a 95% success rate in medicine & veterinary applications over the last 5 years, far above the national independent school average.

Every year over 50% of our leavers go on to study at the Russell group universities.