Life in the Leweston Sixth Form is quite different to that of the lower school. One obvious change is that you will not be required to wear uniform but instead comply with a dress code. You will find yourself treated differently by the staff and other pupils, as young adults with more freedom in the choices you make and how you manage your work.

Relaxation, independence and social life are important parts of life in the Sixth Form. A full social programme is on offer, some of which is in association with other local schools such as Downside, Winchester, Sherborne and Milton Abbey and you, along with your friends in the Sixth Form, organise your own social events such as the annual Sixth Form Ball. You have more control over your free time and Sixth Formers regularly pop down into Sherborne to meet with friends or get things they need.

Each year a team of Prefects and House Captains, organised by the Head Girl and her Deputies is elected to assist in various organisational tasks, to contribute to significant areas of school life and act as ambassadors for the school. Taking on this Prefectorial role with its extra responsibilities is an opportunity for you to develop leadership potential and to take part in particular areas of school life. As a prefect your contributions are of great personal value as well as of great value to the rest of the school community.

The personal development of pupils is excellent; they have a strong spiritual sense, becoming self-confident individuals who contribute to society both within and beyond the school.

Independent Schools Inspection Report 2015